Hello there!

My name is Alain, and I am a

living amongst the dormant Eifel volcanoes in Germany.

I started out as a government agent working in prison administration in Luxembourg, and have recently made the switch to self-employment to enjoy productive work without the bureaucratic hurdles.

I have worked with numerous platforms and programming languages for the past 25 years, and am now trying to settle down on modern web development with the WordPress platform. I am passionate about software architecture and code quality and never misses an opportunity to share best practices.

I use the website you're currently reading to express my biased opinions and let my quirky personality shine through.

If you would rather learn more about the professional services I can offer, head on over to the Bright Nucleus homepage. I also try to contribute to the open source community whenever I can, so don't be surprised if you get a pull request to one of your projects from me.

Happy browsing!