I’m regularly streaming live coding sessions to challenge myself (and work on my annoying perfectionism) and to somehow capture the thought processes and the troubleshooting approaches that are so hard to teach with other means.

The main stream is live on Twitch: This will be where the interaction takes place.
Alternatively, the stream will also be broadcast to Youtube:, which is also the permanent storage for the recordings.

I did a Twitter poll to find out what people are most interested in, and the result is that the project I’m working on during the live stream will be a complete redesign & redevelopment of my personal website at

This will entail delving into modern object-oriented PHP for WordPress theme development, progressive web app (PWA) functionality for offline capability and notifications, AMP as the main HTML framework for performance and React components & custom Gutenberg blocks for the editing experience.

Over time, I will build a roadmap and add basic project management so you can always see what I’m currently working on and what is coming up.

Archive of past episodes

Permanent storage for the episodes is on Youtube. You can reach the playlist that regroups all episodes via the following link: