Community Contributions

Apart from my professional portfolio, I have contributed to several open source projects. On this page, I keep a list of these contributions, mostly for my own reference.

Projects I started:

Bright Nucleus Framework Components

The Bright Nucleus Framework is a set of reusable Composer packages mainly targeted at WordPress projects.

They all share the same goal of bringing reusable code and proper OOP principles to existing and new WordPress projects. They are best used with Composer and a dependency injection container.

PHP Composter Framework

The PHP Composter framework and its accompanying extension provide an automated way for developers to include git  hooks within their source code repository. These hooks become immediately active once you’ve run composer install , which can drastically simplify developer on-boarding.

Projects I help maintain:


WordPress is a very popular publishing platform that currently powers a large portion of the world wide web.

I co-maintain the WordPress Bootstrap/Load component and contribute to various other areas of the project.


WP-CLI is a command line interface to the WordPress platform, which allows you to control your websites and execute administrative tasks through the command line.

I co-maintain the WP-CLI ecosystem, consisting of the WP-CLI framework, the bundled commands as well as all related web properties.

All source code can be found in the WP-CLI GitHub organization.

Projects I contributed to:

  • Assert – Thin assertion library for use in libraries and business-model.
  • Antispam Bee – Easy and extremely productive spam-fighting plugin with many sophisticated solutions. Includes privacy hints and protection against trackback spam.
  • Hierarchy – No-dependencies package that embodies WordPress template hierarchy.
  • Checker-CLI – A command line tool to perform various checks on WordPress themes. Currently the command does nothing but return a standard comment.
  • CleverReach Extension – CleverReach WordPress Plugin.
  • Consolidation Bootstrap – Locate and bootstrap components needed to run code from a framework.
  • Cavalcade – A better wp-cron. Horizontally scalable, works perfectly with multisite.
  • Composer – Dependency Management for PHP
  • Codeception Redirects Module – Test URL redirects in Codeception.
  • Crelly Slider – Open Source WordPress slider with a powerful Drag&Drop Builder.
  • Doctrine Annotations – Annotations Docblock Parser.
  • Easy Digital Downloads – Sell digital downloads through WordPress.
  • Gary Jones Plugin Boilerplate – PSR-4 + PHP 7.0 WordPress plugin boilerplate.
  • Genesis – The Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress
  • GitHub Updater Lite – Drop-in support for GitHub automatic updates.
  • Genesis Accessible – Accessibility features for the Genesis Framework.
  • Go! AOP PHP – Modern aspect-oriented framework for PHP.
  • Inpsyde Validator – Inpsyde Validator library.
  • Kint – debugging helper for PHP developers
  • – Official homepage of the PHP scripting language.
  • PHP FIG Standards – Standards either proposed or approved by the Framework Interop Group.
  • PHPro SOAP Client – A general purpose SOAP client for PHP.
  • Torro Forms – Extendable WordPress form builder with Drag & Drop functionality, chart evaluation and more.
  • Variable VVV – The Best VVV Site Wizard
  • Varying Vagrant Vagrants – Open source Vagrant configuration focused on WordPress development.
  • VVV Dashboard – Dashboard for Varying Vagrant Vagrants.
  • WordPress Coding Standards – PHP_CodeSniffer rules (sniffs) to enforce WordPress coding conventions.
  • WP-API – WordPress REST API.
  • WP Starter – Easily bootstrap whole site Composer packages for WordPress.
  • Zalando OAuth2 Client JS – A library to help you handle OAuth2 access and refresh tokens.