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Type Declarations using Interfaces in PHP

I’ve recently completed a preliminary code audit on an existing WordPress plugin, and one of the goals I’ve set for that audit was to decouple the code from the JavaScript library it was using, so that it could easily be extended to support future versions of that library. A question came back about the constructor syntax…

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PHP Feature Detection Library

Link to GitHub Repository: PHPFeature I had a short conversation on Twitter the other day with Andrey Savchenko ( @Rarst ). He was wondering whether feature-centric PHP requirements would work in WordPress extensions. Although he was talking about the features of the “WP extensions”, I asked myself why there was no feature detection library available for PHP,…

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Is WordPress a Dependency?

I am currently on a quest to find the perfect setup for my WordPress projects (who isn’t, right?). I do think that a large part of what makes or breaks complex software projects is dependency management. And there are dependencies at every level of your projects, be they languages, libraries, servers, stakeholders, whatever. When someone…

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