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Adding Git Hooks Through Composer Dev-Dependencies

I have been working on refining my development workflow for some time now, in order to optimize the quality of my code. And as I am a big fan of automation, I tend to look for tools that just do their work in the background and only need my input when my mental processing power is truly…

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Attracting Developers To WordPress

Ryan McCue, Senior Engineer at Human Made and WordPress Core Developer, has posted a series of tweets regarding the fact that WordPress is far from an ideal platform for developers, which has spawned a lot of discussion. Yes, the fact that WP has perception problems is partially related, but even those in the community dislike working with…

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Is WordPress a Dependency?

I am currently on a quest to find the perfect setup for my WordPress projects (who isn’t, right?). I do think that a large part of what makes or breaks complex software projects is dependency management. And there are dependencies at every level of your projects, be they languages, libraries, servers, stakeholders, whatever. When someone…

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